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So what does SABB Wealth Management mean to you?

SABB Wealth Management can help you determine what is important to you and assist you in realizing your greatest aspirations and securing your family’s future by enabling each client to make the best use of the various products and services offered by the Bank and affiliates.

I have a good job, the economy is healthy and my investments in the local stock market have performed well… Why do I need to plan?

Things change. The economy and the performance of the stock market can fluctuate. Your personal circumstances can change, and unexpected life events, that you may have never even considered, could have a great impact on you. Sometimes, you need help in making the right decisions for you.

SABB Relationship Managers are the key to making the most of your money. The better they know you, the better they'll be able to help you manage your financial arrangements. They will help you to assess your personal circumstances and your life goals.

Wealth Management

SABB Wealth Management services is based on a well-founded knowledge of:

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Investment Weekly

Always seeking to offer enhanced banking services to our Premier customers, we are pleased to provide online access to ‘Investment Weekly’, a professional newsletter for individual and institutional investors.

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