SABB Global View and Global Transfer

Worldwide banking between your linked SABB and HSBC accounts, made easy.

Move money between your SABB and linked HSBC accounts

Discover a smarter, faster way to move your money around the world. Transfer money instantly from your SABB account to your other HSBC accounts worldwide, with zero fees on transfers you make using Global Transfers on SABBnet and SABBmobile.

Banking without borders

Stay connected and use SABBnet and SABBmobile for a single view of your linked HSBC accounts in 17 HSBC countries with SABB Global View. Connect your HSBC accounts in SABBnet and instantly see the balance of your linked accounts.

Fee free transfers

Whether supporting your family overseas or paying obligations outside of Saudi Arabia, you can make free Global Transfers between your SABB and linked HSBC Accounts in 17 countries.

Move up to SAR1,000,000 per day from your SABB account to your linked HSBC accounts safely, within our trusted global payment network. Receive your funds in your linked account instantly and securely.

Transfer with Competitive FX rates

Our live Foreign Exchange rates ensure that you can know with certainty that you are getting a competitive exchange rate when transacting in over 29 currencies.

Send money in local currency with real-time rates during market hours, so you know how much money you are sending and exactly how much will be received in your linked account.

Getting Started with SABB Global View

Before you start, make sure that you're registered for SABBnet and the country where your HSBC account is held.

For convenience, the linking process is from SABBnet, and is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Select: Within SABBnet, click ‘Global View’ and ‘Add a Country/Region’.
  2. Activate: Wait for our automated call to confirm your request and confirm activation
  3. Link: Follow the on screen prompts to enter your HSBC user credentials to link the two accounts together.

You can then immediately view your linked accounts in SABBnet and SABBmobile


The Easiest Transfers with SABB Global Transfer

Sending money between your linked SABB and HSBC accounts with SABB Global Transfer is fast and easy.

If using SABBnet go to ’My Banking’, select the Make global transfer then select the accounts you want to send money between in 'My Accounts', enter the amount and select 'Confirm'.

You can move up to SAR1,000,000 per day between your linked SABB and HSBC accounts. Some countries and regions may have maximum limits for inbound payments, so it's important that you check with them first.