Multi-currency ATM

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In order to provide services that contribute to increasingthe satisfaction of our customers, we are pleased to provide SABB Multi-Currency ATM, which will enable SABB customers to withdraw US Dollars, Euros at competitive rates besides Saudi Riyals.

SABB Branches & ATMs Locator

We think finding a SABB Branch & ATM should be easy. That's why our extensive ATM networks are designed to give you the accessibility you need to your money, no matter where life takes you. 

Forigen currency ATMs
City  ATM ID

ATM Location

City ATM ID  ATM Location 
Riyadh  A103 AlTawoun Branch Jeddah  A543  Sharafia Branch
Riyadh  A027 Rawdah Branch Jeddah  A065 Tahlia Street Branch
Riyadh  A174 AlFaisaliya Branch Jeddah  A005  King Abdulaziz Road Branch
Riyadh  A511 Olaya Branch Madina  AW09 Prince Mohammad bin Abdulaziz International Airport
Riyadh  A519 AlNakheel Branch Jubail  A575 Jubail Industrial City Branch
Riyadh  A199 Rabwa Branch Jubail  A780 Jubail Branch
Riyadh  A526

AlWarood Branch

Dammam  AE43  King Fahd International Airport

Locate the nearest Branch/ATM

What to do if you don't have an ATM Card

Please visit any of our branches to get an instant card issued or Call SABB Direct on 920007222 (within Saudi) +9669200072222 (outside Saudi) to request a new/replacement card.

You can also request it through SABBNET.

Once you receive your new/replacement card, you can activate it through SABB Direct or by visiting the nearest SABB Branch.