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SABB Home Finance provides you with easy financing solutions and an Aqar search engine to find your dream home.

Now, find your home and get your finance in one place

Aqar Search Engine

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Monthly income:


SABB offers a range of Shariah compliant Home Finance products using:

Ijarah concept

Where SABB purchases the property and leases the same to the customer over a finance period up to 25 years with a promise to transfer the ownership to the customer at the end of lease period. The customer pays a part of the lease rentals in advance while the balance is payable to SABB in monthly installments over the finance period.

Murabaha concept

Where SABB purchases the property and sales it to the customer over a finance period. The customer pays a part of the purchase price in advance while the balance is payable to SABB in monthly instalments over the finance period.

Istisna'a and Ijarah Mausoofa Fi-Dhimah

are based on the concept of Construction + Forward Lease Structure with a Promise to transfer ownership at the end of lease period to the customer. Under this concept, SABB finances customers, who own land, to construct their homes as per their taste and design. Flexible financing period up to 25 years. The customer pays the land value as a part of the lease rentals in advance while the balance is payable to the Bank in monthly installments over the finance period.

SABB finances the following properties under Ijarah concept:

  • Completed Villa, Duplex, Apartment.
  • Land for building a home in future
  • Build on a customer’s existing land based on Ijarah Mausoofa Fi-Dhimah concept    

SABB finances the following properties under Murabaha concept:

  • Completed Villa, Duplex, Apartment.

Subsidized Home Finance Program for Ready Units from REDF

This program is intended to provide home finance to customers where the bank finances the customer and REDF subsidizes the profit amount or part of it. *The subsidy amount up to SAR 500,000 is based on the eligibility criteria set by REDF

  • Subsidized housing finance for ready unit
  • Self-construction product
  • Off-Plan products
  • Housing Finance Initiative for Military Service

*REDF’s Terms and Conditions apply

*To know more about the program, you may click here to visit REDF’s website

Features & Benefits:

  • Fully Shariah compliant Products
  • Wide range of product to meet various customer needs
  • Finance up to SAR 5,000,000
  • Finance period up to 25 years
  • Joint finance is available for immediate relatives
  • Free insurance coverage for compensation in case of death or permanent disability (God forbid)
  • Quick approval and easy process


  • The applicant should be a Saudi national
  • Applicant’s age at the time of finance should not be less than 21 years and not to exceed 65 years upon expiry of finance period
  • Length of service for the applicant with current employer should be for at least 3 months
  • Minimum Basic Salary is not less than SAR 5,000/-. For Joint applicants each applicant should have minimum basic salary of SAR 3,000/-
  • Salary should be assigned/transferred to your account with SABB
  • The property should be situated within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Lease Annual Percentage Rate:

SABB reviews the lease annual percentage rate every two years.  The Lease annual percentage rate will be comprised of:

  • SABB benchmark rate which will be reviewed every two (2) years as per the prevailing market rate (SWAP).

    SWAP Rate

    18 Apr 2.79 %
    21 Apr
    2.79 %
    22 Apr 2.79 %
    23 Apr 2.79 %
    24 Apr
    2.79 %


  • Agreed Margin over and above SABB benchmark rate.  The Margin will remain the same and will not be changed during the finance period.

Down Payment Required:


For All Sectors

Land Finance


Home Finance

10% for the first resident only

Home Construction

The customer is not required to pay a down payment in cash, however, the land value will be considered as down payment.

Required Documents for Obtaining a Home Finance:

  • Copy of the Applicant’s valid I.D. duly signed
  • Property/Land location's form
  • Sale contract
  • Copy of the Title Deed
  • Copy of Building construction License OR Electricity Meter License
  • Land Split Letter from Notary Public (as appropriate – if the land has been subdivided).
  • Copies of Property Owner’s and Witnesses I.Ds
  • Salary Introduction Letter less than one month old
  • Salary Assignment Letter (signed by authorized signatory)
  • Drawings, Specifications & Designs approved from the city municipality in A4 size. (only for Home Construction Finance application)


*Policy terms and conditions apply

Only available to residents of Saudi Arabia

** To help us continually improve our service and in the interest of security, we may monitor and/or record your telephone call with us.

***Annual Percentage Rate starts from 4.94%