• The all-new SABBMobile is out!

Not only has the design been revamped; our features have also been expanded to meet all of your personal banking needs.

The new SABBMobile is available for free download in both Apple Store and Play Store.

The new dashboard is now more interactive, specially designed to create a fast, convenient, and smooth experience, all the while enhancing your mobile banking experience.

Read on to know more about the new features.

  • Biometric Authentication: Face ID and Touch ID

Setting up Face ID or Touch ID adds a layer of security to your SABBMobile account and allows you to log in conveniently and securely using your personal biometric information. The whole process can be completed in just a few easy steps.

  • Digital Secure Key

You may choose to log in using a Digital Secure Key; a convenient, alternative access-granting feature, most useful if you’re traveling and unable to receive an OTP via text message.

  • Accounts

“Your Accounts” is where you can access multiple features and process transactions. In this section of SABBMobile you can:

  • View your account details
  • Check your balance
  • View your transaction list and quickly search for a specific transaction
  • Download your statement of account
  • Change your account name


  • Credit Cards

You can now pay your credit card fees, change the minimum payment on your credit card, set up a travel notification and even replace your card, all without leaving your SABBMobile.


  • Bills & Fines

With the new SABBMobile, you can now conveniently view your bills, settle your SADAD bills, make government payments, and pay your traffic fines.


  • Transfers

Adding and activating a beneficiary has never been easier. With the new SABBMobile, you can now do all types of transfers (internal, local and international).


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