SABB Premier is much more than just a bank account

SABB Premier helps you to seize and realize opportunities everywhere and determine what is most important, helping you access a world of financial opportunities. We will be proud to help support you in achieving your dreams and ambitions to complete your journey.

 You and Your Wealth

Whether you are buying a new home or investing in your future, SABB Premier is here to support you.

  • An Expert SABB Premier Relationship Manager who is on call to help you discover and enjoy everything that SABB Premier has to offer.
  • Expert guidance, and specialist advice for your financial planning, investment, mortgage and transactional banking needs, to help you make the most of your wealth and set a strong plan for your future.

 Your day to day banking

Whether you are looking for the simplest day to day banking transactions or taking a broader look and discovering what the world has to offer, SABB Premier is here to provide additional benefits to reward you.

  • Preferential rates and free offers for many banking products and services.
  • ICSABB+ Points earnt on your qualifying account balance, that can be redeemed at over 100+ local and international partners.
  • Exclusive range of rewards, offers and privileges with our no annual fee SABB Premier MasterCard and linked ICSABB+ loyalty program for card spends.
  • The most comfortable travel experience, with unlimited airport lounge access for travelers holding a SABB Premier MasterCard at any of the over 1000 Lounge Key airport lounges across 120 countries worldwide.

 Your Bank Around the World

Whether you’re travelling abroad for employment, study or just taking a deserved break, SABB Premier is here to support you to unlock a world of benefits.

  • Globally linked services, partnering with HSBC Premier in 32 different countries to support you to relocate and travel.
  • HSBC Global Premier recognition and worldwide emergency support to help you feel secure all around the world.
  • Free Global View and Global Transfers between your linked Premier accounts from SABB to HSBC.
  • Exclusive travel and lifestyle benefits, with your SABB Premier MasterCard.

 You and Your Family

Whether you’re planning education for you children or looking to extend the same SABB Premier benefits we offer to you to your family, SABB Premier is here to support you and help you care for those that mean the most to you.

  • SABB Premier status can be extended to your immediate family, giving them access to everything that SABB Premier has to offer, including travel benefits, global recognition and worldwide emergency support.
  • Access to investment and insurance services and specialist advice from our team of SABB Premier experts, and specialist financial advice providers.