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All you need to know about how to report problems with your SABB account including lost credit cards and suspicious emails.

You got a suspicious email

Stop. Don't click on any links. Don't open any attachments. Just forward the email to our customer support team and we'll investigate it.

Note that SABB never sends e-mails asking for personal information to be saved online. Therefore if you suspect any e-mails which appears to come from SABB, it’s highly likely that it is a scam, and you should not respond to these emails. Instead please contact SABB Direct immediately to report the incident to one of our agents, then immediately delete the suspicious email without responding to it, as the email may contain a Trojan or a Virus.

Your card is missing or stolen

If your card is lost, stolen or likely to be misused we provide 24-hour worldwide assistance.

Contact us immediately on 800-124-8888 (Inside the K.S.A) or +966-11-405-4343 (overseas).

Our advisers will cancel your card(s) and order replacements immediately.

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