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An umbrella term for our sponsorships and initiatives in the charity, health and education fields, ‘Foundation’ creates an identity through which we can promote and raise a wider awareness of our community work.

The Foundation microsite showcases documentary videos, often moving and emotional, to further spread the word – and spread hope to those in need.

But our real mission is to go one step further, ensuring that people’s hopes and dreams are fulfilled and realised.

Empowering Productive Families

SABB believes that deprived and disadvantaged people – such as low-income families, the divorced and the widowed – should be helped to remain productive members of the community and achieve financial independence. We work with leading charities and Government agencies to provide the skills, tools, capital and opportunities they need to succeed.

Protecting Vulnerable Children

Children who are particularly in need of care include orphans, the disabled, cancer fighters, and those who suffer from Autism or Down Syndrome. SABB champions the rights of such children and provides support through a number of official agencies and charity operations. We aim to use rehabilitation and recreation to reduce suffering and instil hope for the best possible life.

Projects for the Underprivileged

Many other segments of society are also needy, including disabled adults, low-income families and the elderly. For example, we work with employers to create suitable job opportunities for the disabled. SABB collaborates with the relevant government agencies and community organisations to meet the needs of these groups – in terms of staying active, adapting to their often-difficult circumstances and engaging with wider society.

Health-sector Support

Personal wellbeing, of course, begins with a high standard of healthcare. To help people achieve a better quality of life, SABB contributes to numerous hospital and health-sector projects – ranging from mobile clinics, dental care and physiotherapy to specialist centres for kidney treatment, prosthetics and orthotics, even intensive care units.

Lifestyle Initiatives

Of course, others factors also affect people’s quality of life – such as local facilities, accommodation and religious fulfillment. With these in mind, the Bank is involved in various initiatives that support the lifestyle of low-income families: house construction, home improvement, winter aid, mosque renovation, Omra and Hajj, even Ramadan fast-breaking (tafteer sa’em).

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SABB Initiatives at Sultan bin Abdulaziz Humanitarian City