SABB Contributions to the Community

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Learn about SABB’s involvement in local communities including our social and humanitarian programmes.

SABB’s Employment Programme for people with special needs

Under the supervision of the Disabled Children's Association, SABB’s sponsored Employment Programme for people with special needs aims to enhance employment opportunities for disabled persons. Under this Programme, SABB held several forums in various cities across the Kingdom where people with special needs as well as companies interested in hiring them were invited. This way, people with special needs got the chance to meet face-to-face with employers and discuss viable career options.

The Handicapped-Friendly Facilities Programme

SABB sponsors this national Programme to transform regular public facilities into disabled-friendly locations. The project, carried out by the Ministry of Civil Service in cooperation with the Social Responsibility Club at King Saud University, aims to provide free integrated studies at facilities in every sector. The project aims to make facilities suitable for people with special needs and the elderly.

The Renovation of Needy Family Homes Programme

SABB carried out the "Renovation of Needy Family Homes" Programme, which aims to refurbish and repair the homes of needy families in various areas in Riyadh in order to alleviate the harsh living conditions for these families and enhance their way of life.

Productive Families Programme

SABB carried out this project, supervised by the Social Security Agency and Ministry of Social Affairs, in order to establish 15 fully-equipped flower and aromatic plant kiosks for 15 needy families in the Al Qunfudah area in the Western province.

Hajj and Umrah Trips 

Every year during the Holy Month of Ramadan, SABB sponsors Hajj and Umrah trips that are organised by various charity organisations for people with special needs, the elderly and orphans.

SABB Productive Families 

SABB collaborated with the Ministry of Social Affairs by sponsoring the ‘Sesame Oil Project’ which helped many families in the Mahayel Asir region in the south of the Kingdom. The project is aimed at supporting underprivileged families and individuals, enabling them to be financially independent and productive members of the community.

Charity Committee for Orphan Care (ENSAN)

 ENSAN is one of the leading organisations dedicated to orphans. SABB’s support includes donating school bags and stationery as well as sponsoring Umrah and Hajj programmes for orphans and their families. In addition, SABB sponsors orphan enrolment in diploma programmes relevant to their interests, enabling them to acquire qualifications in different fields.

SABB Humanitarian Bed

 SABB has partnered up with Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Humanitarian City (SBAHC), to sponsor beds that provide full rehabilitation treatment to many children from disadvantaged families around the Kingdom.

SABB supports the charity organisation "ETAAM" 

SABB supports the charity organisation "ETAAM" (Jubail branch) by contributing to its projects and helping with the assembly and distribution of food to needy families in various regions of the Kingdom. The Organisation seeks to promote a culture that denounces wastefulness and encourages solidarity with members of society.

International Day of Persons with Disabilities

 SABB sponsors a full recreational programme at various charity organisations for people with special needs under the supervision of the Ministry of Social Affairs every year on the 3rd of December which is the International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

International Day for the Elderly

 Every year, SABB carries out a complete entertainment programme at one of the various charity organisations affiliated to the Ministry of Social Affairs. The Programme includes entertainment and sports activities as well as the distribution of gifts.

The Voice of Down Syndrome Society

 SABB sponsors several students under the 'Educational and Rehabilitative' programme at the Voice of Down Syndrome Society. The programme provides children who have Down Syndrome with comprehensive services such as medical care, speech therapy, physical therapy, parental care and educational/rehabilitative programmes.

SABB Recreational Centre

 SABB has established a Recreational Centre at the ENSAN Social Club, serving all 12,000 members of the organisation. The club seeks to safeguard orphans and provide them sports equipment in a secure area supervised by the organisation. 

Blood Donation Campaigns

 SABB drives an awareness campaign for the admirable cause of supporting hospitals with blood shortages. In collaboration with several hospitals around the Kingdom, the Bank encourages its staff to participate in World Blood Donor Day, celebrated each year on 14 June.

SABB Autism Sensory Room 

SABB established an autism sensory room at the Mother of Faisal Autism Centre (MFAC), the room provides training and skill development to autistic children according to their individual capabilities. It helps improve their ability to adapt to their surroundings and interact socially using their senses.

SABB Breast Cancer Awareness Programme 

SABB sponsors the 'Training of Primary Healthcare Physicians' course supervised by the Zahra Breast Cancer Association. This programme educates primary care physicians about the most accurate breast tumour detection methods. It highlights the importance of carrying out these tests in accordance with global standards during any periodical and clinical check-up to increase early detection of the disease.

SABB Educational Aids Unit

 SABB sponsors the 'Educational Aids Unit' of the Disabled Children Association in Jeddah. The initiative provides the necessary tools and materials for children to acquire specific skills through special educational programmes. SABB also sponsors the 'Art Programme' and the production of their 'Art Workbook'.

SABB Anti-Smoking Programme 

SABB promotes International Anti-Smoking Day, held annually on the 31st of May. The Bank offers its employees a clinical examination/check-up where the smokers among them get a health report regarding their smoking habits. Moreover, SABB sponsors activities for the Anti-Smoking Charitable Association, providing tools and equipment needed to improve the association's ability to perform effectively and achieve its objectives.

Supporting Vocational Health and Safety Conference 

SABB supported the Vocational Health and Safety Conference that was organized by the General Organization for Social Insurance in Riyadh on the 28th and 29th of April 2007 as a Golden sponsor. The goal of this event was to raise awareness regarding the importance of vocational health and safety in the work environment. 

Sponsoring The 3rd Educational Festival For Children with Special Needs

 Within the framework of its community service programme, SABB carried out humanitarian projects through its participation and sponsorship of the 3rd Educational Festival For Children With Special Needs that was organized by the General Directorate of Special Education on the 19th of April 2007 in Riyadh.

EidGifts For Needy Families

 As part of our social responsibility policy SABB distributes "Eid Gifts" packs for needy families in Riyadh.

 The purpose of this programme is to underline the Bank's commitment to social responsibility in helping needy families, and to promote social programmes that serve the community at large. It is one of the programmes that highlights the Bank's keen interest in charitable activities, and the participation of SABB employees in extending a helping hand to needy families.

Contribution to Centennial Foundation 

The Centennial Foundation aims to help young Saudi entrepreneurs achieve economic independence by becoming successfully self-employed through mobilizing the support of the Saudi business community through their corporate citizenship program. SABB has been committed to supporting the foundation since 2002.

Local Equities Investment Awareness Campaign

 SABB has participated in organizing 27 investment workshops, under the supervision of the "Capital Market Authority" in order to improve awareness about investing in the local equities market among Saudi investors.

Fighting Money Laundering And Economic Crimes In The Kingdom 

SABB participates in the training courses organized by SAMA to their honour the judges of The Ministry of Justice and The Bureau of Grievances about money laundering, and economic crimes. SABB’s participation in this course underlines its commitment to the community and its extensive efforts to fight money-laundering, which adversely affects national and global economies.

Al-Masrafi Program 

The Al-Masrafi Program is supervised by SAMA and provides free training to Saudi graduates to enable them to acquire the skills necessary to work in the banking sector.

Sponsorship of the Taiba Charitable Association's Bazar

 SABB sponsored the Taiba Charitable Association Bazar in September 2006 in Jeddah. The Bazar was aimed at securing financial resources to help kids at the Orphans' village and to assist in finishing the association's building.