Tips for Secure Banking While Travelling

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Read our useful tips before and during your travel and for convenience and safety, use your SABB credit card.


  • If you have a SABB current / saving account, you can request automatic direct debit services by linking the current  savings account with the card to facilitate the deduction of due payments each month automatically.
  • Withdrawals at ATM machines require a PIN. If you don’t have a PIN or didn’t remember the previous PIN, you can call SABB toll-free “8001248888” to issue a new password.
  • Update your latest address and contact information if there has been any changes. For updates, please send a fax request to update information on fax# 014014933 or call SABB toll-free “8001248888”. You can also visit one of our credit card service centres in Riyadh, Jeddah or Al Khobar.
  • For further assistance call SABB toll-free on “8001248888” if you are inside KSA or 0096614408888” if you are overseas.

During Travel:

  • Monitor your card while shopping and ensure shopkeepers or restaurant cashier didn’t pass / insert it into any device other than a POS terminal
  • If you suspect your card information have been exposed / disclosed, please immediately inform us.
  • Do not write or reveal your PIN to any person, including employees of the bank or merchant.
  • Do not allow anyone to use your card or information you bear the full responsibility of all transactions.
  • If your card is lost, please let us know immediately, if possible, inform local legal authorities too.
  • When you checkout from a hotel or return a rental car, please make sure to cancel all obtained authorizations that were reserved in advance.
  • Do not respond to e-mail messages allegedly sent by the bank and request that you identify your personal information like credit card number and PIN.

While using the ATM:

  • Do not us an ATM if you notice any signs of tampering or that there are fixtures attached to the ATM.
  • Make sure that nobody can see you key in your PIN.
  • Do not leave the receipt at the ATM machine.

For more information:

Access SABBNET services by visiting:

Visit one of SABB credit card service centres:
Riyadh- Customer Service Centre - King Abdulaziz Road - Branch Alwrood - Alwrood District
Jeddah- Customer Service Centre - Branch KHALIDIYA - Prince Sultan Street - Al Khalidiyah Mall.

  • Al Khobar– Customer Service Centre - branch Alakrbip - Mecca Street - zone Alakrbip.

If you are a SABB Premier customers you can get more information by:

Calling SABB Premier on 8001160099 or +96614408999 if you are outside KSA.

Visiting our website: or

Visiting any of HSBC’s Premiere Centres