SABB Premier Understands you

  • With your SABB Premier status you can receive global recognition from HSBC Premier.
  • You can share your Premier feature and benefits with spouse and children
  • Receive priority service in SABB Premier Centers & special lounges in Saudi Arabia.
  • Enjoy a single global view of all your SABB and HSBC accounts, with free instant global transfers from your SABB to your HSBC Premier accounts in up 32 different countries, at preferential exchange rates.

SABB Premier Supports you

  • With SABB Premier you can access worldwide emergency support by accessing a 24 hour dedicated SABB Premier Hotline on 800 116 0099 or +966 11 440 8999 from outside the Kingdom.
  • Receive international Services and assistance through HSBC Premier centers around the world or by contacting +966 1 440 8999
  • Free travel insurance, protecting against travel related loss, injury or interruption when the airline ticket is purchased on your SABB Premier MasterCard for you and your close relatives.

SABB Premier Rewards you

  • Free SABB Premier MasterCard, including up to 5 free supplementary credit cards for your family members.
  • An exclusive range of privileges and benefits with your SABB Premier MasterCard including access to over 1000 Lounge Key airport lounges across 120 countries worldwide.
  • Access to luxury travel and dining experiences, major sport and entertainment events with your SABB Premier MasterCard
  • Access an exclusive range of rewards with SABB Premier and SABB’s innovative loyalty program ICSABB+