The advantages of SABB’s Premier Family financial services is that they are globally-linked with benefits that include your children’s own savings account.

Family Financial Planning

When it comes to putting plans in place for the future of your children, it’s never too early to start. Whether it’s a deposit for a house, the means to buy their first car or a fund to get them through college at home or abroad, Financial Planning from SABB Premier can help you get there.

Premier Spouse

  • Premier status for your spouse, including full access to SABB premier benefits and features, as well as your Premier Relationship Manager.
  • Best in class privileges and rewards, including superb deals on shopping, dining, entertaining, and travel experiences with SABB Premier MasterCard.

Global Safety Net

Whether your children are going abroad to study or even just for the experience of travelling, it’s good to know that they’re not on their own. As a SABB Premier customer your children can take advantage of our assistance in the International Account Opening facility in over 40 countries and an additional credit card with limits that you set for them. They can also take advantage of:

  • Up to $2,000 emergency cash (with your permission)
  • Access to SABB’s worldwide helpline on (1-908-PREMIER)
  • And next day credit card replacement

Premier Children’s Savings Account

One of the most important life-skills you can teach your children is the value of money. With SABB’s Shariah compliant Premier Children’s Savings Account and your guidance you can give your children the freedom to manage their own money.