SABB provides comprehensive Shariah compliant solutions that are flexible enough to fit any lifestyle.

Savings Takaful Plan

Peace of mind comes from providing a secure future for your family. With SABB Takaful, you get assured Shariah compliant financial protection tailored to meet you and your family’s financial goals anytime, anywhere.

Simple Savings Takaful Plan

No matter what your financial situation is, it is important to start saving early. At SABB, we are aware that there may be constraints on the amount you may wish to start with. That is why we have introduced the Simple Savings Takaful Plan which offers a flexible Shariah compliant solution that also provides protection in the event that something unexpected happens to you.

Education Takaful Plan

SABB’s Shariah compliant Education Takaful Plan offers personalised financial solutions that help you build your wealth over time, ensuring you will have sufficient funds by the time your children are ready to enrol in university. SABB Takaful will pay all future contributions to the plan should something unexpected happen to you (God forbid) during the term of the plan.

Investment Takaful Plan

Whatever your lifetime goals may be, planning ahead increases your chances of reaching them sooner. At SABB Takaful, we help you craft long-term investment strategies to meet the financial goals you have set for you and your family.

Islamic Home Finance

SABB’s Home Takaful Plan is designed to protect your home, the building and its contents against fire, natural disasters and other perils. Enjoy piece of mind with SABB’s comprehensive Shariah compliant Home Takaful Plan.

Personal Finance

SABB provides Shariah compliant Personal Finance with attractive features at competitive rates. If you are buying a house or car, planning a wedding or holiday or enrolling in school or university, SABB has you covered.
SABB offers Personal Finance on a "Tawarruq" or "Murabaha" basis.