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Whatever your Markets needs, SABB will deliver a solution to meet them.

Headquartered in Riyadh, SABB Markets is a major participant in Saudi Arabian foreign exchange and money markets. We also trade and underwrite fixed and floating rate bonds in local and international markets. A team of experienced and professional staff, all of whom are holding BIC and AIC dealing certificates, are on hand to take care of all of your requirements.

SABB Markets is supported by our associated shareholder, HSBC Group, which ranks among the largest in the world, which operates through 73 Countries, with more than 3,600 dealing and supporting staff. 

Markets Teams

Our Markets Teams cover foreign exchange and interest rate protection to money market operations, precious metals and fixed income.

Markets Products and Services

SABB Markets Products and Services provide comprehensive solutions to corporate and institutional clients.

Contact Us

Bader AlSalloom

Head of Markets Sales

Direct: (966) 11 276-4935

Mohammed Ahmed Al Ghamdi

Head of Markets Corporate Sales

Direct: (966) 11 276-4414

Markets Corporate Sales Desk

Direct: (966) 11 276-4000

Toll free: (800) 119-4000

Markets Risk Advisory - Central Region

Direct: (966) 11 225 7383 / 7385 / 7387 / 7389

Markets Risk Advisory - East Region

Direct: (966) 13 807-2485 / 2494 / 2479

Markets Risk Advisory - West Region

Direct: (966) 12 603-5632 / 5633 / 5631