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SABB’s Trade Finance products and services offer comprehensive solutions helping you with your export and import needs. We offer a variety of financing options to meet your local and international trade needs at any stage of the sales or sourcing processes. Our products are designed to assist you in all aspects of cash flow and balance sheet management.

Import Loans

Import Loans are a trade finance solution that allows you to capitalise on new business opportunities and negotiate better deals with suppliers. Import Loans are provided to enable you to settle obligations under documentary credits or collections by bridging the gap between payment for imported goods and the receipt of funds through subsequent sales.

Import Loan Benefits include:

  • Greater flexibility and liquidity
  • Timely payments
  • Extended credit periods beyond those given under Documentary Credits and Documentary Collections
  • Stronger negotiating position with suppliers
  • A choice of two types of Import Loan:
    1. Loan Against Import – available when you’re trading under Documentary Credit or Documentary Collection terms
    2. Clean Import Loan – rather than being triggered by the receipt of a Documentary Credit or Documentary Collection, the advance is made on presentation of supplier invoices and evidence of shipment only

Export DC Negotiations

Export DC Negotiations ensure that you receive payment as soon as you present your shipping documents when you trade under Documentary Credit terms.

Export DC Negotiation Benefits include:

  • Improved cash flow
  • Reduced non-payment risk
  • Ability to reinvest sales proceeds immediately
  • Ability to offer more payment options to customers without a negative impact on your cash flow
  • Experienced SABB staff to check documents and guide you in correcting errors to ensure compliance before submission to the DC issuing bank
  • No credit facilities required
  • If documents are presented before noon and have no discrepancies, the funds will usually be advanced to you on the same day
  • Proceeds from Export DC Negotiation can be used to settle other loans with the bank or pay for imports

Non-Recourse Export DC Bill Discounting

Non-Recourse Export DC Bill Discounting means you hand over the risk of non-payment to SABB and receive funds as soon as the DC issuing bank accepts the documents.

Non-Recourse Export DC Bill Discounting Benefits include:

  • Limits to trade finance liabilities
  • No delay between the time the DC issuing bank agrees to pay and the time payment is made
  • Peace of mind that payment is final, even if SABB has problems collecting the export proceeds
  • Improved cash flow
  • Improved financing capacity

Export Collection Bills Purchase

Export Collection Bills Purchase offers cash advances for immediate reinvestment if you're expecting a payment under Documentary Collections.

Export Collection Bills Purchase Benefits include:

  • Improved cash flow
  • Minimising the impact of outstanding export bills on your business
  • More payment options for customers without a negative impact on your cash flow

Islamic Trade Solutions

SABB is committed to providing its Customers with a range of innovative Islamic financial solutions. Choosing SABB Islamic Trade Solutions means that Customers can be certain that their trade facilities are structured in accordance with Shariah requirements. SABB offers a comprehensive range of trade solutions to facilitate the needs of businesses in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Online Banking

Access HSBCnet, the flexible Online Banking service for larger and more complex businesses.


Export Services

We provide export services such as documentary collections and credits, DC advising, DC confirmation, transferred DC and safe custody. Learn more.

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