Trade Finance e-Solutions

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SABB’s Trade and Supply Chain E-Solutions provide you with the latest technology in order to simplify your trade transactions.

SABB’s E-Solutions

Internet Trade Services

Send instructions, view and manage your trade accounts, receive advice and access market information anytime, anywhere with SABB’s E-Solutions. Our Internet Trade Services enable you to initiate trade transactions and have real-time access to your SABB trade account information. These solutions increase efficiency, reduce waiting periods and allow you to start your manufacturing, sourcing and trade processes earlier.

Import Documentary Credit Applications and Amendments

  • Apply for your Import DCs or make subsequent amendments online.
  • Save time by creating DCs faster using saved templates, beneficiary details and DC clauses.

Import Bill Instructions

  • Create or amend import bill instructions in one go.
  • Details of all outstanding bills awaiting your instructions are available online.
  • You get instant access to any discrepancies in your import DC bills so you can decide whether to accept, reject or settle the bill.

Export Documentary Credit Advising and Transfers

  • Full text of all your export DCs received by the bank through SWIFT are available online for you to download at your convenience.
  • Transfer DCs partially or in full at the click of a button and at the comfort of your desk.

Trade Account Information

The following detailed trade account information is available on-line anytime:

  • Full text of DCs issued or advised
  • Outstanding and settled bills
  • Shipping Guarantees, Airway Bills and Delivery Orders
  • Loans and Margin Deposits
  • Expirations and due dates of DCs, bills and loans

Credit Facility Information

  • View details of your credit facilities with SABB online, including available credit and outstanding balances of all import and export accounts maintained with SABB and monitor all transactions marked against your facilities.


  • Wide range of reports on your trade transactions.
  • View report details online or download them to your PC


Instant@dvice is SABB’s free email services that accelerates import procedures and gives you rapid status updates on your trade transactions.

Instant@dvice Benefits include:

  • Significant savings in document replication and storage costs
  • Instant email status reports on your trade transactions with SABB
  • Quick forwarding of issued Documentary Credits (DC) to your suppliers and other trade partners
  • Ability to start export procedures earlier
  • Electronic DCs can be copied into other documents for speed and accuracy
  • Suppliers can start producing goods or collating shipping orders before they receive the original DC
  • Up to five email accounts can simultaneously receive the DC copy
  • Our free DC Safe Custody service will store your original DCs

Online Banking

Access HSBCnet, the flexible Online Banking service for larger and more complex businesses.


Islamic Trade Guarantee Solutions

Our bank guarantee products and solutions for trade are fully Sharia compliant to help you meet your business trading needs.

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