American Express Corporate Payment Solutions

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American Express® Corporate Payment Solutions offer a range of Cards, billing options and flexible tools that drive efficiency through streamlined back-end processes to reduce your overall business expenditure and give you greater control over managing expenses effectively.

SABB American Express Corporate Card

100% Transparency, Control and Visibility

The SABB American Express Corporate Card gives your company and employees a greater control over spending. Built-in controls such as division hierarchy structures, individual limits, restrict the use of locations or areas where your employees can use their Card, monitor transactions and simplify reconciliation processes. Enroll in Express Cash to enable cash withdrawals from all SABB ATM’s in Saudi Arabia and 1.2 million ATM’s worldwide.

Improve relationships with your suppliers by consolidating spend through customized programs, improving payment terms and streamlining operational efficiency. Mandating the use of your company supplier programs such as Airlines, Hotels, Car Rental, UBER, Careem or Jarir.

We make your busy schedule easier, you can access your monthly statements on the move anywhere in the world via our GLOBAL APP, or through our online Corporate Interactive portal and also via your email Inbox.

For any business, managing expenses is as important as growing revenue, SABB American Express Corporate Cards provide your Company and your Employees with best-in-class products and efficient business tools to deliver the most comprehensive expense management.

SABB American Express Corporate Travel Account (CTA)

Simplify all your travel expenses with one Centrally billed Account. Introducing The SABB American Express Corporate Travel Account (CTA). A valuable tool to manage and control your air travel billings, the Corporate Travel Account is designed to provide your company with increased control over air and other travel agency charges.

The Corporate Travel Account is a simple and effective solution to manage your corporate travel costs. It helps maximize expense control and drive savings with consolidated billing, while also provides convenience and coverage for Travelers, aids your company in gaining control over air travel expenses, saving time and money and without issuing Cards to employees.

A single statement captures enhanced descriptive billing data in addition to detailed management information.

A full suite of Management Information can be accessed via the CTA online portal 24/7.

SABB American Express vPayment Account

vPayment is a virtual payment solution that assigns a single-use account number to each transaction. Users are also able to set a specific pre-authorization payment amount, date range, and transaction details to help control spend and facilitate reconciliation processes. It’s one of the most efficient and highly sophisticated solutions for our Corporate clients, combining both 100% security and control.

vPayment offers enhanced control of all spend down to exact amounts and dates, with your own unique references and buyer-specified references. It also improves purchase reconciliation and auditing while maintaining management information and reporting. Among the many other benefits, vPayment also provides minimal program administration and is easily accepted worldwide.

Comprehensive Management Information

As a SABB American Express corporate client, you will be able to access the most comprehensive Management Information tools available. The SABB American Express management reporting portals provide you with state-of-the-art expense reconciliation.

  • Ability to view all company expenses in one area, or segment different dept. expenses.
  • Freedom to tailor your regular Management Information reports according to your company needs.
  • Download in XLS a full data dump.
  • Configure your reporting (eg. travel reporting to show top expense incurred, by class of travel, by destination).
  • Ability to view previous months data and statement.
  • Design your management reports by supplier category, or individual supplier
  • Always in Control

Your Company

The Company will always have 100% visibility of all employee company expenditure, providing full transparency and an audit trail of their expenses. Ability to view entire program via the online portal 24/7 control over all Cards issued to employees (suspend cards, increase limits) Expense control – ability to block specific supplier categories / locations around the world Ability to receive an email for every employee transaction

Your Employees

Your employees receive 24/7 Customer Service Support, an SMS and email with every transaction to protect control and provide visibility on every expense item.

For SABB American Express Corporate Cardmembers, access to the mobile APP provides full card visibility.

Global access to the Cardmember Corporate Interactive portal.

Ability for Cardmembers to keep track of all transactions or temporary block their card at anytime, anywhere in the world if their card is stolen or misplaced via the APP.

Free Travel Insurance, Airport Lounge Access

Free Travel Insurance

All travelers and employees that use any SABB American Express Corporate Cards product are covered by our comprehensive range of Insurance Cover including, Travel Accident, Loss of Life and Medical Insurance, luggage loss and delay, flight cancellation and delay and online purchase protection.

Global Airport Lounge Access

Your SABB American Express Corporate Card provides you with a free membership to Priority Pass Lounges around the world. Enjoy access to more than 1,300 lounges in 600 cities around the world, whether you are travelling on Business or Leisure. All visits are charged at the Priority Pass Membership rate of £20.00 (or equivalent) per visit.

Transaction Safety & Security

Make any online payment or purchase goods and services online safely and securely with SafeKey®.

Safekey® uses the latest technology to help protect against online fraud, each time you purchase online you will be required to use an OTP (one time pin), this will be sent to the mobile number you have registered with your Card.
In addition and as a SABB American Express Corporate Cardmember you also receive online fraud guarantee insurance of up to $800 per transaction ($3,000 per year).
Furthermore, each time you use your card you will not only receive an SMS alert of your transaction, we shall also send you an email to your registered email address as an extra layer of security.