Structured Trade Solution

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Receivables Finance

SABB's Receivables Finance is another way to get finance when a buyer no longer issues Documentary Credits and also protects you against buyer default or insolvency.

Receivables Finance works by you informing your customer that you have assigned receivables to SABB for goods or services rendered. Once SABB receives confirmation from your customer you will have access to standby funds up to an agreed percentage of the invoice value. When the invoice is paid, you receive the balance.

Supply Chain Finance (SCF)

SABB can help buyers and suppliers meet their respective goals for working capital management, risk, mitigation and liquidity. Our Supply r chain solution is a program which uses your financial strength to provide lower-cost finance to your suppliers. All you need to do is simply advise us of invoices which you have approved for payment. Based on your confirmation, SABB will then immediately offer early payments to your supplier ahead of the trade terms that they have negotiated with you.

Working Capital Advisory

Our specialists work closely with you to implement strategies that improve visibility and cost control across your entire organization. With this consolidated view, you could be able to unlock and move spare working capital to reduce the cost of funding and minimize reliance on more expensive unstructured lending

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