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Ease your mind and guarantee their future

Pay their school and university tuitions with ease and comfort through SABB Personal Finance at a competitive rate or through SABB Credit Cards’ 0% annual percentage rate SABB AQSAT.

Personal Financing

Everyone has their own needs and ambitions and SABB is more than happy to be a partner and support its customers with their goals.

Providing your children with the best education available, makes SABB Personal Finance services, with its unique features and competitive annual percentage rate, your first choice.

    Benefits and features:

  • Enroll your children at the best schools and universities
  • Planning travel expenses for students studying abroad
  • Buy a new car
  • Financing of up to SAR 1,500,000 at a competitive annual percentage rate
  • Instant approval and you can get your finance within 24 hours, when providing all required documents

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Credit Cards

Have you ever realized that SABB Credit Card benefits are the best way to help you achieve your children’s educational goals?

SABB credit cards various features and services, quick issue time and annual fees with a competitive annual percentage rate are all designed with its customers unique needs in mind. Additionally, we are proud to provide SABB’s customer loyalty program “ICSABB” that rewards each consecutive card use. All that and more benefits await you

    Benefits and features:

  • Pay tuitions in 0% annual percentage rate through SABB AQSAT here
  • Ongoing offers & discounts on school wardrobe and more here
  • Flexible payment methods
  • ICSABB rewards program and many more benefits

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