Tips for Secure Banking While Travelling

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Before you leave, remember to

  • Please let us know your trip details and destination before traveling to avoid blocking your card. 
  • Check our website to find and benefit from our travel offers. 
  • Check the expiry date on your card. If you are due for renewal and have not received your card, please let us know by calling us on. 920007222
  • If you have an account at SABB, register for our convenient Auto-Debit service, which will take care of your monthly payments.
  • If you don’t have a PIN or have forgotten it, please ask for new PIN,
  • It is very important that your current contact details is updated with SABB. If your address or telephone/mobile numbers have changed and you have not advised SABB, please do so today by calling 920007222, visiting your nearest branch, or by downloading our SABB online banking application and check your balances and make funds transfer.
And while you are enjoying your holiday

  • Remember that you can check your outstanding balance or remaining available credit any time of day through our online website SABBNet services by visiting the SABB website: and remember, try to avoid checking your balances on a public Wi-Fi.
  • Through SABBNet, you can also transfer funds from your current / savings account to your credit card account if you still have not registered for SABBNet, please do so by visiting today.
  • Please ensure that pre-authorizations taken to secure hotel reservations or car rentals are cancelled when you check out or return the vehicle.
  • If your card gets decline, please contact us at 920007222 and please keep declined receipt for future reference if needed. 
  • Always pay in local and not home currency to the City your traveling to. 
Take care of your cards

  • Protect your card as if its cash. It is wise to keep an eye on your card at all times, ensuring that shop assistant or restaurant staff do not insert your card in to any unusual devices (other than the point-of-sale terminal). Let us know immediately if you suspect that you card security has been compromised.
  • In the event of loss, please call us immediately at 920007222 and, if possible, report the loss to local police as well.
  • Never write down your PIN or disclose your PIN to anyone, including bank and retail staff.
  • Don’t respond to email that purported to be from the bank asking for your personal information such as your including card or PIN.
  • Never let anyone use your card or card number. If you card is borrowed by a family member / friend – with or without your knowledge – you will be responsible for all transactions.

Using ATMs

  • If you find any sign of an ATM having been tampered with, such as an attached device, report this to the bank and another ATM machine.
  • Make sure that any one standing behind you is not able to see you entering your PIN.
  • Don’t leave your ATM receipts in the machine.
  • Be suspicious of any one near an ATM offering help, even if they are dressed as a bank employee or a member of security staff.
For more information, please call 920007222 or visiting your nearest branch