Security Downloads

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Maximise your online security by following these tips for a safer online experience by updating your browser and Anti-virus software.

Microsoft Security Essentials

Download Microsoft Security Essentials For Free Anti-Virus ProtectionMicrosoft Security Essentials helps provide real-time protection for your home PC that guards against viruses and other malicious software. It is simple to install, easy to use and always kept up to date. It's free to anyone with a genuine copy of Microsoft Windows. It offers comprehensive malware protection with automatic updates and it comes from one of the world's largest IT companies


Modern up-to-date browser software helps protect you against online problems Just like any other software, it makes sense to use the latest, most secure web browser. The latest browsers have security features that block fake websites and protect against some viruses (but you still need anti-virus for advanced protection).
If you have updated your computer regularly or bought it in the last couple of years, it is likely that you are already using an up-to-date browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 (on Windows PCs) or Safari 5 (on Macs). You can check by selecting 'About' on the browser menu. If this is not the case, you may want to get the new browser software immediately and update it regularly for maximum protection.


Anti-virus software protects you, your privacy and your money. Viruses are not good for the computers and they steal personal information, take over your PC, pop up unwanted adverts and can even use your computer to attack other people's computers. You may also hear them called malware, trojans, spyware or adware. Anti-virus software protects you against all of them. Anti-virus software has to download and updated regularly over the internet.
You can download Microsoft Security Essentials (free for personal use) or antivirus software such as McAfee.