SABB Academy celebrates the graduation of the Third batch

May 2018

“SABB Academy” will celebrating the graduation of the third batch (150 trainees) from different regions of the Kingdom, after the completion of their training program extended for a period of three months.

The SABB Academy is part of the Bank's plan to expand its community development projects, and one of the Saudi British Bank initiatives to support the 2030 Saudi vision, by supporting the youth aspiration, which is the cornerstone of any success, and help them in developing their skills and abilities to achieve a better future and job opportunities that match their qualifications and ambitions.

It is worth noting that “SABB Academy” has graduated 244 trainees during the previous two batches. A career day for graduates was organized and many local leading banks and companies have been invited to present the jobs they have available for graduates. The Academy has received wide acceptance by applicants for training programs, and received many appreciations from many specialists in the market of training and employment. The Academy will continue to provide its programs as required by the labor market.