Under SABB in the Community Programmes: SABB contribute in the Qualification of King Saud University

April 2010

Within the framework of its programmes in the community, SABB in collaboration with the Business Club at King Saud University participates in the qualification of a group of students of the Business Administration College at King Saud University to enable them enter labor market through “Dale Carnegie” Program which is an integrated program covering skills and behaviors necessary for work.

Dr. Mohammed Al-Hathloul, supervisor of the Business Club at the University said "The commendable trend of supporting the activities in the higher education by the leadership to which King Saud University skillfully responded by restructuring its methodologies to be in harmony with the global standards particularly in the field of specialization of economic and business administration to cope with the economic and financial globalization that would enable the graduates compete in the labor market locally and internationally and also in conformity with the global position of the Kingdom's economy. As such matter requires strengthening good academic perception of the higher education outputs by training the basic skills necessary for entering labor market easily. The initiative of King Saud University’s Business Club emerged with the encouragement of the officials in the University to satisfy such requirement.

Al-Hathloul added "Dale Carnegie institute was selected because it provides the best and latest training programs suitable to the market. In addition to its long experience and rich record in preparing many leaders. The institute started operation by introducing communication skills since 1912. Today Dale Carnegie Programs cover global network of training centers and institutes in 76 countries including Saudi Arabia, employing more than 5000 accredited trainers. The institute is recognized by a number of brilliant businessmen and affluent people worldwide for changing their career.”

Al-Hathloul praised SABB response to the Club initiative which aims at enhancing cooperation between the University and the public and private sector institutions as well as improving mutual interests including development of the skills of the future leaders. This reflect the Bank's leaders understanding of the general benefit that will be achieved from such programs and their positive effect on the longer and shorter run as well as their direct and indirect impact on the labor market.

From his part Ibrahim Abo-Mouti, Head of Corporate Communications at SABB commented "The participation of SABB in this project comes within its belief of the goals the project will achieve and in appreciation of the prominent position of King Saud University as a notable academic giant which have great effect on the educational renaissance and culture in our country". Abo-Mouti praised the initiative of King Saud University represented by the Business Club at the Business Administration College towards the importance attached to the qualification of the newly graduated students or those about to be graduated in the different specializations of the University and prepare them to enter labor market by eliminating the difficulties and obstacles that may face them in their journey for search of job opportunities.