SABB Amanah holds Iftar for orphan children in Riyadh

September 2010

SABB Amanah held a Ramadan Iftar for the children of the Riyadh based Social Education House for Boys in Riyadh. The compassionate initiative highlights SABB’s on-going social responsibility programmes in supporting the community, the empathy for orphan children and the acknowledgment of their social needs and welfare in the holy month of Ramadan.

A group of senior executives from the bank headed by David Dew, Managing Director of SABB together with the principal and trustees of the Social Education House for Boys attended the Iftar with orphan children.

David Dew expressed his great pleasure for sharing Iftar with the children and said: “by hosting this Iftar, SABB is representing Saudi Arabia in a global Iftar initiative that has been launched by HSBC Amanah, the Islamic banking arm of HSBC group, SABB’s global banking partner. The initiative aimed to simultaneously hold Iftar for 3500 orphans around the world in eight Moslem countries that have branches of the HSBC Group and its partners. Global Iftar is an expression of world compassion which aims to raise awareness of the needs of the underprivileged children and to support local communities through available philanthropic organizations and NGO’s”.