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Youth Ambition

With 60% of Saudis aged under 30, it’s no surprise that SABB has chosen to prioritise youth – always seeking ways in which it can help the Kingdom’s young people achieve their ambitions and reach their full potential.

Our Money Saving Programme provides tips and advice on how to manage finances smartly – helping make the next generation more financially literate. SABB Academy eases new graduates into the world of work, with career support opportunities within SABB available to participants. And our SME programme offers guidance on planning and risk assessment, to help young people build their own successful small businesses.

Let’s look at those three Youth programmes in more detail:

Riyali Program

Riyali's financial literacy program aims to enhance financial literacy among the various segment of society, develop their skills and provide them with the knowledge that enables them to face their financial responsibilities for better life. It is an approved program by the Ministry of Education in schools and universities. SABB has signed a partnership with SEDCO Holding Group to sponsor this program, and it is considered as one of the most important programs launched by the group within its social initiatives which successfully reached 400,000 beneficiaries and seeks to reach 2 million beneficiaries in 2020.


SABB Academy

The Academy scheme aims to give fresh graduates the kind of technical knowledge and ‘soft skills’ that will improve their employability. We target mainly Saudis, aged under 28, graduating from universities and technical colleges.

Modules cover: ethical behaviour, personal effectiveness, customer service, writing for business, desktop applications and the use of the Internet. Participants are also briefed on how to search for jobs and prepare for interviews. At the end of the programme, completion certificates are issued – and many of the graduates find career opportunities opening up for them within SABB.

SMEs Support Programme

The Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (SME) sector is increasingly important to the Kingdom’s economic and social growth. Government spending programmes already help fund and develop a wide range of business possibilities for young people.

At SABB, our focus on the thriving SME sector makes business sense, contributes to local economies and supports job creation.

Our SME programme trains and challenges young entrepreneurs through workshops designed to enhance their skills and knowledge.

Key areas of personal and professional development include: assessing market opportunities, conducting feasibility studies, preparing a business plan and running a company day-to-day.