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SABB TAQADAM is a mentorship-driven, hands-on multi-university startup accelerator developed and managed by the KAUST Entrepreneurship Center in collaboration with SABB. The programme helps potential university-based entrepreneurs turn projects into prototypes and ideas into businesses.

The programme will help entrepreneurs validate the product/service idea, develop a working prototype or model, engage with potential customers, and pitch to judges and investors. We accelerate startups by providing the chance to receive initial funding, access to additional capital, and an unmatched team of local and international mentors and advisors


The partnership between the Saudi British Bank (SABB) and King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) aims to fund projects and support innovative ideas in Saudi Universities; which is considered as a real investment for the ambitious Saudi youth. The “TAQADAM” programme represents an example for major initiatives and is an important and effective step to ensure that the precious ideas and the new innovative technologies value in the Kingdom are granted a platform in order to move from the laboratory to the market.

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