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The Bank participates in several community initiatives that seek to support the Kingdom’s vision 2030. In the environmental sector in particular, the Bank is keen to finance sustainable projects and support environmental initiatives, especially the Saudi Green Initiative, which aims to raise vegetation cover, reduce carbon emissions, combat pollution and land degradation, and preserve marine life, through cooperation with the competent authorities.

World Environment Day

SABB participates in World Environment Day annually to raise awareness of the importance of taking serious steps to protect the environment. The Bank has been implementing policies to control paper and plastic waste, as well as to reduce energy and water usage.

Desert Cleaning

SABB employees regularly volunteer in the ‘Cleaning One Million Square Metres’ project that was initiated by the Riyadh Municipality. The project encourages everyone to take responsibility for keeping the environment clean and raises social and environmental awareness among employees.

Beach Cleaning

The ‘Beach Cleaning Campaign’ was initiated by SABB in cooperation with the Municipality of Al Khobar at Half Moon Bay in the Eastern Region. The project is in place to increase environmental responsibility among citizens.

Earth Hour

Every year, SABB participates in the international ‘Earth Hour’ initiative which takes place on the last Saturday of March and is supervised by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). The Bank participates in several locations across the Kingdom by switching off non-essential lights and highlighting to its employees the problems of global warming and encouraging individuals to turn off non-essential lights and appliances for one hour to save energy.

Saudi Wildlife Commission

SABB sponsors a range of programmes organised by the Saudi Wildlife Commission (SWC). These programmes highlight the positive role that Saudi people can play not only in conservation projects, protecting wildlife and the environment, but also in educating the younger generation.

SABB sponsors scientific teams to study the negative effects of human activity on marine environments around the Kingdom, as well as the cultivation of mangrove flora and the ways in which they can be protected from extinction.

Reduce paper waste

In line with SABB’s commitment to preserve the environment, and to fast track our move towards a paper-less environment, we have taken the following actions:

  • Discontinue the process of printing systems reports that can be viewed and actioned electronically.
  • Set automatic double-side printing on printers wherever it's appropriate.
  • Discourage print out of internal and external correspondence
  • Introduced dry and wet waste bins for the recycling of paper.
  • Created an internal staff awareness campaign to reduce paper wastes, lower water consumption, conserve energy in order to reduce our impact on climate change.

Saving water

  • Changed water taps to infrared in SABB premises throughout the kingdom.
  • Adjusted automatic water taps at 5 seconds intervals to reduce water consumption.
  • Usage of underground water for toilets whenever possible.
  • Changed our toilets flushing systems with a lower water consumption system

Conserving energy

  • Replaced old monitors where applicable with LCD monitors.
  • Installed light sensors to ensure that all light are switched off after working hours.

SABB is a Friend of the Environment

  • Installed floors containing recycled manufacturing materials
  • De-watering is used for flush tanks and irrigation in both buildings
  • All external glazing and walls have high insulation properties to reduce heat exchange
  • All lights are connected to timers via Building Management System to rationalize use
  • Re-used marble cladding removed from the old building for cladding the new head office
  • Installed infrared taps (motion detection) to save water
  • Installed extra fresh AHUs to pump extra cold air to the building during winter to save cooling by chillers

Combat climate change

  • Reduced staff business travel by using video conferencing for business meetings with our partners and vendors.
  • Implemented a non-smoking policy in all SABB premises throughout the Kingdom.

The British Council Project: North-South-East-West

SABB sponsored the North-South-East-West Project organised by the British Council during November - December 2007. The event aimed to raise the awareness of the Saudi public about climate change and its impact on the environment and consequently on human lives.

SABB e-greeting card

SABB has designed Eid e-greeting cards to be used by different bank's departments/ areas to replace traditional paper cards in order to assist in saving trees and preserving the environment.

Farasan Archaeology Project

This collaborative Saudi-British research project is supervised by professionals from the department of Antiquity and Archaeology at King Saud University and the department of archaeology at University of York in UK.

The project investigated the archaeological and prehistory of the red sea coastline over the past 1 million years to understand the early developments in human history including the pathway for migration between Africa and the Eurasia.