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Sustainable Living

Everyone knows that urgent action is needed on a variety of environmental issues.

While governments can set policy and pass laws, we all share the responsibility for living more sustainable lives, day by day… cutting waste, conserving energy and reducing pollution, for example.

For SABB, it’s never been just a matter of donating money to green organisations. Many of our activities are run by SABB volunteers – members of staff who freely and willingly give their time. Our environmental clean-up projects – desert and beach – are just one example.

Going Green

Most companies, these days, position themselves as a ‘friend of the environment’. It’s an easy thing to claim. But it takes real and sustained commitment to put this idea into practice – and make a significant difference.

To succeed, you have to go beyond just good intentions and take practical everyday steps. At SABB, we have pledged to help protect the environment by implementing an ever-evolving range of programmes and initiatives.

In-house, we have taken concrete measures to reduce paper, water and power usage. Indeed, environmentally friendly features and smart re-cycling techniques are built into our facilities, right from the design and construction stages.

Beyond the workspace, we contribute to reducing climate change by avoiding business travel wherever possible – promoting video-conferencing for our business meetings.

And looking further afield, we are involved in wildlife protection, conservation of natural flora, and even archaeological research. The sustainability of the environment is, of course, a global issue – which is why we also actively support international initiatives such as ‘Earth Hour’ and World Environment Day.

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