SABB Academy

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As part of our social responsibility initiatives in its new form and preceded by the pillar of youth’s ambition, we have launched in the past year SABB Academy a development and training Academy in Riyadh, Jeddah, and Dammam. This Academy is concerned with developing the capacity of the youth "men and women" to double their chances of getting appropriate jobs, by giving them advanced courses for 3 months in the following fields:

Self-Development and Communication Skills

This course helps its holders to develop themselves continuously, which is reflected positively on their job performance.

Retail Banking

This course gives its holders a deeper understanding of the nature of the work required of them.

Customer Service

Enhance the experience of its holders in this field, which is considered one of the most important pillars of the labor market; thereby enhancing their expertise and facilitating their performance of their job duties as required.

Compliance and Combating Money Laundry

Give opportunity to accessthe latest tools and techniques adopted by banks around the world to combat money laundering. Help its holders to observe and detect any suspicious operations accurately and professionally.

Additionally, we provided them with the opportunity to obtain a professional banking certificate, which entitles its holders to work in the banking sector. We still aspire to provide more and more support to the pillar of youth’s ambition, and we will spare no effort to grant the youth all that would ensure them a bright professional future.