Our Education CSR Initiatives

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SABB is active in the field of education, offering scholarships in higher education and training programmes in coordination with universities and institutes in the kingdom to Saudi graduates to prepare them for a career in banking.

"Kids Read" International Programme

In cooperation with The British Council, SABB sponsored the International Programme "Kids Read" at a number of schools in Riyadh. SABB staff participated in this Programme by reading books to the children, taking part in their arts activities, and performing administrative roles.

"Develop skills in 30 days" Programme

SABB sponsored the "Develop skills in 30 days" Programme organised by the Commission for Social Development in Dammam. With this Programme, SABB aims to teach 1,800 trainees through 35 training courses, which will enable them to acquire the skills they need for the job market.

The "RAWAJ" Programme for Productive Families

SABB sponsored the "RAWAJ" Programme for Productive Families organised by The Society of Majid Bin Abdulaziz For Development and Social Services in Jeddah. The Programme is designed to train 66 women to produce school uniforms for more than 3,000 orphans.

SABB Investment Research Centre at Al Yamamah University

SABB has established an Investment Research Centre for both male and female students at the Business College in Al Yamamah University: a leading private university in the Kingdom. The Centre helps students studying Investment and Finance as well as MBA students to gain real experience in the financial market.

SABB Training Centre for the Blind

SABB worked In collaboration with the Blind Association Charity (Kafeef) to establish a fully equipped computer and Braille training centre for men and women. Training courses have also been arranged to allow for skill development that will help the blind find suitable employment opportunities, enabling them to become productive and financially independent members of society.

Saudi Organisation for Certified Public Accountants

SABB sponsors the Saudi Organisation for Certified Public Accountants (SOCPA), a professional organisation promoting the accounting and auditing profession.

Prince Salman Centre for Disability Research

SABB sponsors the Prince Salman Centre for Disability Research (PSCDR) programme, which not only conducts research on disability, but also implements projects related to human development and progress. In addition, PSCDR promotes disability awareness and improves the standard of living for disabled people by helping them make the most of their inherent capabilities.

Dale Carnegie Programme

SABB sponsors students from the College of Business Administration at King Saud University to attend extensive training conducted by the Dale Carnegie Institute. It teaches practical business principles and processes by designing programmes that provide students with the knowledge, skills and practices they need to secure future jobs.

American Association of Petroleum Geologists Society (AAPG) KFUPM Chapter

SABB's exclusive sponsorship of the AAPG, King Fahad University chapter, includes support in fostering scientific research, advancing the science of geology, promoting technology and motivating high professional conduct through various activities such as field trips, research and workshops for faculty and students.

SABB Cooperative and Summer Programmes

SABB, in collaboration with a number of local universities and institutes across the Kingdom runs a highly respected six-month training programme for undergraduate students as an integral part of their graduation requirements. In addition, we sponsor student summer courses at SABB across the Kingdom.

SABB MBA Scholarships

In collaboration with the British Council, SABB developed the MBA scholarship scheme in 1997. Every year the scheme enables around five Saudi graduates, both male and female, to obtain MBA degrees from recognised universities in the UK. SABB provides not only the tuition fees but also accommodation and living expenses as well as travel costs.

The Chevening Scholarship Programme

The Chevening Scholarship is a well-known scholarship scheme, which enables Saudi students to study in the United Kingdom for postgraduate studies or research at UK's best institutions of higher education. SABB has contributed to the funding of this scheme since its inception in 2003 by sponsoring 9 Saudi students each year.

Chair of Finance At KFUPM

SABB has sponsored the Chair of Finance at King Fahad University of Petroleum & Minerals since 1997.