Financial Literacy

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Financial Literacy is the individual's knowledge and skills to manage personal and family budget successfully.

As part of its commitment to the community, SABB is keen to raise the level of financial literacy among members of the community and motivate them to have the necessary tools to help them manage their financial needs. The Rialy program is one of the Bank's initiatives in this area, to educate the community and motivate them to take educational courses that qualify them to acquire skills and knowledge of the basics of financial planning and savings.

Rialy is a training program designed to empower individuals. It aims to empower the community with financial literacy and awareness by providing them with the tools to make sound financial decisions that contribute to a decent life, one of the most important programs launched by SEDCO Holding in its social initiatives

Training Courses:

  • Module 1: Financial Planning and Personal Budgeting
  • 1.1 Financial dignity and financial independence
  • 1.2 Setting goals and financial planning
  • 1.3 Budget and prioritization of expenditures
  • Module II: Saving
  • 2.1 Saving and value of money
  • 2.2 Inflation, Zakat and Savings Account
  • 2.3 Life after graduation
  • 2.4 Inflation, Zakat and Savings Account
  • Module 3: Investment
  • 3.1 Transition from savings to investment
  • 3.2 Time value of money and alternative cost
  • 3.3 Investment patterns
  • 3.4 Entrepreneurs
  • Module 4: Borrowing
  • 4.1 Principles of Islamic and non-Islamic borrowing and financing
  • 4.2 Repayment of debt
  • 4.3 Credit cards, ATM cards and borrowing for investment
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