With ICSABB+ Donate your points to charities and make a difference.

With ICSABB+ Donate your points to charities and make a difference.

The donation feature has been enabled to charities on ICSABB+ rewards program, we are striving to meet your aspirations in the holy month of Ramadan, to make a difference together and to contribute to directing alms to families and most in need projects.

An agreement has been concluded with (Ehsan platform) and (JoodEskan platform), so that under this agreement, an option (donate your points) will be available in ICSABB+ digital portal, to determine the points for donation 500 or 2000 points, where every 500 points worth SAR 50.


Through Ehsan you can donate in a variety of fields: social, educational, health, relief, environmental, economic, technical and others. The platform follows the highest standards of transparency in administrative and financial practices and applies the highest technical standards in information security.



Donating to the Joodeskan platform, which is one of the initiatives of the National Developmental Housing Corporation, which aims to provide residential charitable giving through an electronic platform that achieves transparency, accuracy and professionalism in providing charitable contributions.

Donate your ICSABB+ points:

  • From the ICSABB+ portal page, go down and select “Donate ICSABB+ points”.
  • Choose the charity name (Ehsan) or (Joodeskan).
  • Select the donation value 500 - 2000 (Every 10 points equivalent to 1 SAR).
  • Click on “continue” then confirm to process your request.

For more details, visit: ICSABB+ rewards program